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Police make 14 arrests for offences including ‘racist and sectarian singing’

More than a dozen people were arrested after Saturday’s Orange Walk in Glasgow.

Police officers confirmed today that 14 people involved in the procession were stolen for alleged public disturbance, anti-social behavior and racist and sectarian singing.


Police made 14 arrests related to Glasgow’s Orange Walks on SaturdayPhoto credit: PA

Police are also investigating video recordings of hateful chants circulating on social media.

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland, Divisional Commander for Greater Glasgow, said:

“The offenses primarily concerned public unrest and anti-social behavior, but also included sectarian breaches of the peace.

“There have been outbursts of racist and sectarian chanting from some of those present in support of the processions, this is absolutely unacceptable and we strongly condemn this behavior.

“We know there are videos circulating that show some of this hateful chant and are already investigating a number of them.

“Our main priority throughout the event was to ensure public safety and to disturb the general public as little as possible.”

The arrests come after an MSP with the Glasgow SNP alleged there was a “strong argument” for Orange Walks being BANNED under the Hate Crime Act, claiming he was labeled a “fanatic” during a march.

Nats politician John Mason said many Catholics north of the border fear that the parades are “directed against them” and that he believes they are “stirring up hatred”.

A city council has reiterated its demands, claiming that “anti-Catholic” marches should be banned in the city.

The SNP politician Ruairi Kelly said he would be “happy” if the chiefs of the local authorities would permanently abolish the parades.


But a chief of the Orange Order denied claims last week that the parades were bigoted.

Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Jim McHarg said: “I don’t see any sectarianism in this country. I would say there is some form of bigotry, you can see 90 minute bigotry at soccer games or whatever. “

Over 10,000 members of the Orange Order marched through Glasgow on Saturday – the largest gathering since before Covid.

Protesters were greeted by Call It Out protesters as they passed Catholic churches in the city.

An angry member of the Orange Order yelled “I am not a racist and I am not anti-Catholic” as she passed demonstrators on the street.

Moment when a woman joins Orange Walk to “get back to her hoose” when she jokes, “They know I don’t belong here”

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