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Scotland Covid Vaccination Certificate: How do I get a vaccination certificate and where is it needed?

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that the Covid vaccination certification program will begin next Friday on October 1st.

In her Covid update today, the First Minister provided more information about the program and defined which “night clubs” are likely to use the system.

She said the Scottish Government “look at it[s] Getting a certification system up and running is an important part of our overall approach to combating the virus.

“Despite the recent decline in cases, the situation remains fragile; the NHS is under continued pressure; and there is a risk that cases will increase again with the onset of winter.

“We believe a vaccine certification scheme is a proportionate measure that will help reduce the risk of transmission and promote vaccine uptake while keeping nightclubs and major events open to business.”

She noted that Wales has started a similar covid vaccination program as Scotland.

So read on to answer all of your questions about the Covid vaccination certificate.

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Who has to use the scheme?

All persons under the age of 18 are exempt from the obligation to provide proof of vaccination.

Likewise those who take part in vaccine trials; the small number of people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons; and those who work or perform at a venue that requires certification.

What do I need my vaccination certificate for?

You will need to use your vaccination card to get into night clubs and similar places; to experience non-seated indoor events of more than 500 people; to experience non-seated outdoor events of more than 4,000 people; and for every event with more than 10,000 people.

Certification is required for any venue that meets all of the following conditions:

it is open between midnight and 5 a.m. It serves alcohol after midnight; It offers live or recorded music for dancing; and it has a designated space – which is actually used – where dancing is allowed.

Scotland’s booster program is set to start later this month.

Do I need my vaccine to have lunch in a pub?

The First Minister emphasized that certification is only required if all four of these factors apply.

A detailed draft of guidelines will be released next week that will clearly state what each sector needs to do, but for now the venues will need to “use common sense,” she says.

She said, “All guidance has a pragmatic and sensible approach. Legally, the venues must take “all reasonable steps” to implement the scheme – in plain language, this amounts to common sense.

“For example, a venue that has a dance floor after midnight – and meets the other criteria – must apply the certification system.

“You don’t have to control the people who come to pub lunch twelve hours early – that wouldn’t be sensible.

“But in the evening it would make sense to check customers on arrival. That is what we mean by common sense.

How do I get my Covid vaccination card?

The NHS Covid Status App will be available for download from September 30th.

The app provides a digital record of a user’s vaccination status – including a QR code for every vaccination a person has received.

You can also request a paper copy of your vaccination card with special features to prevent forgery. This paper copy also contains a QR code. Anyone who does not want to use the app can get a paper version and use it.

How does the scheme work?

Once the program is in place, anyone attending a location or event that requires certification will be required to provide their vaccination card upon request.

The venue staff will scan or visually check your QR code. The NHS Scotland Covid Check app that venues can use is already available for download.

At a venue like a nightclub or at a relatively small event, the government expects vaccination certificates for everyone present to be verified.

However, for larger events, the organizers are expected to carry out an appropriate number of controls.

The Prime Minister said: “We are working with businesses and environmental officials to provide specific advice and guidance on the scope of controls that should be considered both appropriate and effective to achieve the public health certification objective . “


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